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Her dream. Her terms
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Honey 2003 stream movies online free Honey Daniels dreams of making a name for herself as a hip-hop choreographer. When she's not busy hitting downtown clubs with her friends, she teaches dance classes at a nearby community center in Harlem, N.Y., as a way to keep kids off the streets. Honey thinks she's hit the jackpot when she meets a hotshot director casts her in one of his music videos. But, when he starts demanding sexual favors from her, Honey makes a decision that will change her life. Honey 2003 watchmoviesonline

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> How simple, charming dance flick it is. One of the first films in the revolution of modern dance flicks, though I know I saw it too late. Nowadays there are many films are coming out since the younger generation showing very interest in the dance. I especially don't know how 'Step Up' made a successful franchise, but the sixth is on the way. Honey is a main character's name played by Jessica Alba. A passionate dance, choreographer, when her dream coming to true that hits a roadblock for some reason followed by other issues. So now she has to come up with a solution to solve all the problems and that's the film tells how she overcomes them all at once. A simple story, even the choreography was ordinary, but not a bad film. I anticipated Alba to give a show that not to forget for the decades. This is now obviously a decade old flick and disappointed with her character, especially with her dance moves. But young Alba in a sexy pose on the poster, no one can just ignore it from watching. Overall, I enjoyed it. Since I'm watching it delayed, I should not compare it to the present scenario. Even though it has been only 13 years, in which all the fields rapidly advanced, so the dance. I suggest you just go for it with an empty mind if you want to see it. Soon I'm going to catch up with its sequel, but I know it won't be as decent as this one. 6/10

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