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Title Chain Reaction
Release Date 1996-08-02
Genres Action Drama Science Fiction Thriller
Production Companies Chicago Pacific Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, The Zanuck Company, 3 Arts Entertainment
Production Countries United States of America

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Rocketeer Raccoon
Considering that this film was directed by Andrew Davis who before this directed the hit film the Fugitive (1993), you would have thought he ought to put a lot of effort to making Chain Reaction to be just as great as the Fugitive. Unfortunately Chain Reaction just comes off as being a very plain mediocre film. When I originally first saw this film I had no clue what it was about but now since seeing it with a better perspective I now know what it's about, I suppose the story in this does work well but this film does have it's problems, I'm not saying this film is bad as it's watchable but it's very plain. The first problem in this film that comes to my mind is the music soundtrack, oh my gosh, talk about the wrong type of music for your film. Having the right music for your film is extremely important and the people that were behind the films musical design got it all completely wrong. In hindsight this is a chase film where the hero is wrongly accused of something he didn't do and is being chased by the police, but the scenes themselves are just "plain" and could have been better. I know I keep using the word plain but when I say this I don't mean it in a bad way, like I said the story does work well. Overall conclusion, it's a mediocre action film that's not bad but it's it's just...well...plain.

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