Soderzhanki 2019

Moscow, our days. The city of big money and passion, magnificent women and wealthy men, social events and dangerous intrigues. Here, beautiful girls dream to get into the world of glamor, flowing silks and sparkling jewels, and the main social matchmaker cleverly attaches them to safe hands. Dasha, an art historian from the provinces, who arrived in the capital, dreams of a new, better life, but a mysterious and cruel incident will change everything.

El viaje de Monalisa 2019

After 17 years working as a street prostitute in New York City, undocumented immigrant, Iván Monalisa reunites with former college classmate Nicole, the director of this film. Through their creative bond, Monalisa re-flourishes as a transgender performer and writer, in the search for identity and legalization.

7.1 2019

On September 19, 2017, an earthquake shook Puebla, Morelos and Mexico City. The population organized themselves to support the victims, including six civil groups that sought to alleviate all basic needs. With a human and personal story, the protagonists narrate how this experience and its consequences inspired them to work.

Geran 2019

Ali and Fatimah are frustrated with their younger brother, Mat Arip, when he fails to come home with the grant of their inherited land. Ali will have to find Mat Arip, who has fallen in with the wrong crowd and takes part in illegal gambling and racing, and bring him home to their father, Pak Nayan.

Aj Zombies! 2019

Claudia and Felipe can't be any more different. Only a zombie apocalypse could bring them together. A hilarious love story set in zombie times. Claudia, Felipe, a drunkard and a security guard must escape Lima together in search of safety.

NARUTO to BORUTO The Live 2019 2019

“NARUTO to BORUTO THE LIVE 2019”, a special event for the 20th anniversary of the first publication of “NARUTO” series in Weekly Shonen Jump!! Featuring live performances by artists performing the theme songs of both “NARUTO” and “BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS”, anime cast members reading original story episodes, and more.

La Última Frontera 2019

Santiago 1984. Carmen, former JJCC, after being tortured by the CNI, works as an undercover agent. Francisco, an agent obsessed with her, infiltrates her in an advertising production company, meets Gastón, creative director. He discovers that he is planning a commercial in the mountains as part of an escape operation for a political prisoner. Carmen manipulates both of them, lying to Francisco and approaching Gastón, in order to join the operation and thus achieve her own escape.

Names For Snow 2019

Follow Rebecca Thomassie, an Inuk woman, around Kangirsuk as she learns the 52 Inuktitut words for snow.

One day, Dolores was on her own 2019

Suppose one day you wake up and you’re on your own. Literally, absolutely on your own as if by magic or as if somebody were granting you a wish you’d made someday in the past. Everybody had disappeared

Remembering Philippine Cinema 2019

A one-of-a-kind legacy project produced by TBA Studios, Habambuhay is a homage to the centennial anniversary of Philippine cinema–an insightfully entertaining documentary series, revisiting the personal experiences of those who work in front of or behind the cameras, those who have shaped the film industry of the Philippines for the longest time.

Black Lipstick 2019

Ikay, a girl stricken with the skin disorder vitiligo, is often described as a living meme within her university. Upon discovering the powers of a magical black lipstick, "Icky Ikay" leads a double life as a social media influencer named Jessie. Set in a world of vlogs, dating apps and live videos, Black Lipstick reimagines the concept of beauty and acceptance in the age of social media.

At The Edge Of The Border 2019

Vicent is a former DEA agent who crosses undocumented immigrants along the border. His life changes when his former lover, Celeste, asks him to cross the most wanted man in both sides of the border.

Sirena 2019

Lake Titicaca, 1984. Renowned La Paz engineer Morgan Cabrera drowns in a boating accident. An unfruitful search for his body comes to a halt when confirmation arrives from a faraway island. A task group sets off to retrieve the corpse

Razilee and Elijah 2019

Razilee and Elijah is a vlogged film about two individuals who record there daily activities - it is full of music, laughter and outdoor fun. Much like a documentary. This film doesn't just showcase a recorded lifestyle - they update on future albums and films. A thrilling ride full of emotion and laughter.

Make Me a Sandwich 2019

Marcy and her husband Johnson, an elderly couple, live together in a constant state of disarray. Johnson continually demands Marcy make him sandwiches, ad nauseam, but how long can she withstand his abuse before she finally cracks?

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